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Serious Charges Demand Experienced Representation

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, these offenses can have a lasting impact on your life. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you fight the charge, defend your reputation and put this matter behind you.

For over 35 years, attorney Jeffrey Harding has used the law to get results in Upper Marlboro. Previous to founding Harding Law, Jeffrey Harding served as an assistant state’s attorney in the homicide unit for Prince George’s County. He prosecuted and won many high-profile cases during his tenure. When you hire us, attorney Harding will put this experience to work for you.

Equipped To Handle Complex Criminal Matters

In his private practice, Jeffrey Harding has had much success on the other side of the aisle, representing well-known athletes and executives. He knows how prosecuting attorneys build their cases. He uses this knowledge to undermine opposing counsel’s arguments and create a persuasive account of events that supports your story. As a criminal defense attorney, attorney Harding has helped clients secure dismissals, acquittals, sentence reductions and other favorable outcomes.

He is equipped to defend clients charged with serious violations, such as:

  • DUI/DWI charges for underage drivers, commercial drivers and repeat offenders
  • Drug offenses, including possession, manufacturing, trafficking and prescription fraud
  • Violent crimes such as assault, murder and rape
  • Arson and other property crimes
  • Theft crimes, including auto theft and armed robbery

As your advocate, attorney Harding will take steps to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the criminal process. But it is up to you to exercise your right to legal representation. Even if you believe that you have no case, you should contact him for a free assessment.

Attorney Harding will not stop until he has obtained the best result for your situation. You owe it to yourself and your future to discover what Harding Law can do to challenge the charges that you are facing.

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