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Should drivers worry about autumn road conditions?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When summer turns to fall, Maryland commuters might feel relief that fewer travelers take to the roads. However, the autumn weather is known to be unpredictable, which may affect how drivers operate their vehicles. And yes, fall weather could bring with it added dangers for commuters.

Concerns about autumn driving dangers

Autumn gets the nickname “fall” because it is the time when many trees are shedding their leaves. Unfortunately, leaves and twigs on the ground could create hazards. A driver might not see holes in the road if leaves cover them. Additionally, upon seeing a pile of leaves, a driver may choose to swerve away from it, which is not always the safest practice. Fall weather doesn’t consistently deliver perfect driving conditions as rain could make the roads slick, which may cause a motor vehicle accident.

Driving on wet surfaces might be much safer with properly maintained tires. Tires with low treads might lose their grip on the pavement, causing safety concerns. Perhaps the beginning of fall would be a good time for a tire inspection. Changing weather might lower air pressure in tires, so checking them routinely seems wise as does being extra careful when driving on damp roads.

Avoiding accidents when driving

Being extra careful to compensate for autumn driving conditions could help reduce motor vehicle accidents. Drivers might choose to change when they buy groceries or otherwise travel around town. Daylight savings time and shorter days mean more time spent driving at night.

Fall is also when students go back to school. More kids may be running around right before school starts and when it ends for the day. Keeping an eye out for the little ones adds one more layer of safety to fall driving.