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Summer road hazards

| Apr 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Maryland residents likely think of the winter months when considering seasonal driving hazards, but the summer months can provide more than their share of road risks. People who make themselves aware of the driving risks specific to the summer months and prepare themselves to deal with these hazards will have a better chance of enjoying an accident-free summer.


The summer months are often when local and state governments decide to complete road construction projects. This construction adds to the traffic congestion already common to summertime driving and adds to the number of car accidents. Drivers should avoid work zones when possible. When no alternate routes are available, drivers should leave early to account for the delays they may encounter.


The number of pedestrians traveling along roads and crosswalks may increase over the norm seen in the winter months. Many of these pedestrians may be children in search of ways to enjoy their vacations from school. Drivers should always stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk and never attempt to pass a car in front of them when approaching a crosswalk. Drivers should also keep a concerned eye out for pedestrians before executing a turn.

Inclement weather

A high percentage of crashes blamed on weather-related factors include wet pavement and rainfall. Wet conditions can alter driver behavior, affect automobile performance, and make it difficult to control the speed of a motor vehicle. Drivers should turn on their windshield wipers at the first signs of rainfall.

The time to be most alert is at the start of a rainstorm when the pavement is most slippery. Drivers that hydroplane should turn the wheel with the momentum of the car until regaining control.


Motorcyclists also enjoy taking to the road in the summer months. The speed and maneuverability of motorcycles will sometimes cause it to become difficult to anticipate the moves of a rider. Drivers can mitigate the risk posed by motorcyclists by allowing them more distance than they would for other vehicles. Drivers should also double-check to ensure a motorcycle rider is not traveling in their blind spot when making a turn.

Drivers face the risk of accidents each time they step into a car. Individuals with questions regarding compensation after an accident may find the answers they need by speaking with an attorney.