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Considerations for slip-and-fall cases

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Many personal injury lawsuits involve slip and falls. In such cases, the plaintiff must show that they slipped on an item or defective condition on the premises of another and suffered personal injuries. There are a few considerations that residents of Maryland and other areas should know about when evaluating slip-and-fall claims.


One of the most important elements that a defendant must prove in a slip-and-fall personal injury case is that the plaintiff had notice of the defective condition or item that caused the fall. In many instances, defendants can only be liable if they knew of the defective condition and did not fix it or failed to tell people about its existence. If A plaintiff can often show that the defendant knew about the condition by presenting surveillance footage, photographs and other types of evidence.


In certain instances, defendants may have the responsibility to conduct inspections for defective conditions on their property. Defendants typically have such a duty when they invite business patrons onto the property. Depending on the circumstances, businesses may have a duty to inspect for defects frequently to safeguard their patrons.

Contributory negligence

If plaintiffs are partially responsible for causing their injury, a court may reduce their award by the percentage of their fault. Plaintiffs might be at fault if they did not use care to avoid hazards or prevent themselves from sustaining injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney should know if a plaintiff’s award will be reduced because of contributory negligence.

Common hazardous conditions

Personal injury plaintiffs may slip and fall on all manner of items and defects. Lawsuits commonly involve wet and uneven surfaces, broken stairs and other issues on the defendant’s premises. If you have suffered a slip and fall on the premises of another and sustained injuries, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney to preserve your rights.