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Investigating truck accidents

| Jan 27, 2021 | Trucking Accidents |

Most drivers will get into an auto accident at some point in their lives. Any collision with a large truck can be very serious. Trucks are bigger and heavier than passenger cars, and sometimes, cargo can fall off them and damage other vehicles. Maryland residents should be prepared for what happens after a collision with a truck as having that knowledge is empowering.

What happens after the accident

When a small motor vehicle accident occurs between two small cars, the procedure is usually fairly simple. Someone calls the police. Everyone gives statements. Photos are taken of the damage. But when a large truck hits a passenger car, it can be a very messy accident scene.

As with every motor vehicle collision, an official accident report will be created by the police. The people involved in the accident should take photos of any damage. Police will ask them, and any witnesses, for statements. If there’s an injury, the driver of the large truck and any other vehicles involved may be asked to submit to tests for drugs and alcohol.

Commercial truck drivers who get into accidents should know that their electronic logs will probably be reviewed after the fact. Electronic logs can show whether a driver was taking the rest breaks required by law. That information is very important in determining who is at fault in the incident.

If someone was injured as the result of a truck collision, his or her attorney will likely send a formal letter asking for evidence tied to the accident. From that point, all evidence should be preserved, including weigh station reports and dispatch instructions. Once their employers receive that letter, it’s a good idea for drivers to retain an experienced attorney to advocate for them in court.